Saturday, September 15, 2012

Air Show

The Blue Angels are in town this weekend, so we made a family date night out of the event!  
 My boys being cheesy.
 Jackson and I were cold so we got in the car to warm up.
 Parking lot chillin by the car.
Snuggling because we were COLD.
If you can see the size of the lemonade, you know what this was a potty emergency!  This photo cracks me up.  You can tell he is serious about having to go....

 Jackson was afraid to go up this slide originally, but after he did it the first time he was comfortable
 Feeding ducks at the pond beside our house this morning
We had milkshakes and went to Texas Roadhouse to eat dinner.  Now the boys are watching the UT game, needless to say a lot of yelling is going on because we are tied with the gators.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to being home and spending time together.  The weeks are so busy for us that our weekends are precious. 

News flash, UT is in the lead.  Not a lot of quiet in this home right now so it's a great time to sign off!!!