Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Brother Tour!

Last night we had a Big Brother Tour at the hospital where we plan to deliver Alex.  Jackson got a super cool sticker, coloring book/crayons and of course a lollipop!  At one point, they had him diaper a teddy bear.  Although this is hard to do without getting the lollipop stuck in the fur of the teddy bear, we got er' done!
Jackson's favorite part of the tour was seeing the babies through the nursery window.  There were 2 right in front that appeared to be only hours old.  Jackson said "I loved that part, it was my favorite".  He also got to see the room where Alex would be born and the other room where they keep you for a couple of days.  He was really impressed by the cafeteria because they had potato chips stacked to the ceiling!  He saw where he will wait with Nana and Papa in the waiting room too.  Between the potato chips and seeing the babies, it was a success!  We think he will be the best big brother ever!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is in a name?

When we chose Jackson's name, I would like to say we looked high and low and poured over every birth name book ever sold.  But we both really loved the name Jackson, and called him Jack right when we began the adoption process.  However, his middle name was still undetermined.  We liked Nicholas, David, and Cash (well, I liked Cash - Bill wasn't buying it), as well as a few others.  Jackson's given name was "Andrey", and when we met him the name was sealed.  "Jackson Andrey".  The baby home referred to him as "Androosha", which we both still call him today.  When we introduce him to the hockey stadium (part of our home where he skates), he wants to be introduced as "Jackson Androosha Boy" that plays for the Capitals or the Admirals (although on occassion he pretends like he is Ovechkin).

When we named the new baby, we wanted Jackson to be a big part of that process.  He really wanted to name her Fireman Sam for a long time, then agreed to Princess Fireman Sam, then agreed to Alexandria.  Jackson does think that the name is too long for her to learn how to write, so he feels Alex is the best choice for her.  Hence, Alex is what she is going by at this time.

Here is an art project he made at school this week.  Each day when they work on a letter they have an art project that starts with that letter.  For instance, this week they have worked on "w" and drew a watermelon.  On this day, they worked on "o" and made an ouchy.  It really warmed my heart to see he included his baby sister in his art project.  Funny as it appears, I believe this is his way of preparing for her arrival!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Curran Baby Shower

 Last weekend my Sister in law Carolyn had a really nice baby shower for Jackson's little sister.  It was actually a duo shower, which made it even more special.  Rita (my sis in law) is also pregnant and due the end of March).

Jackson had a really good time, and had been looking forward to it for weeks! 

Uncle Jim entertaining Jackson and Emily

Nana, Sta, Grandmom Lillian and a sneak peak of Cousin Ann Marie

Jackson and Aunt Chris, she flew all the way up from Florida!

Jackson and Emily were the gift openers

Jackson's favorite color? is pink!

My Sister in Law Rita is having a boy.  They are naming him Mikie!  Very happy she was a part of this and glad I have someone to talk to.
 Grandmom with boy and girl shots!  Go Grandmom!  Go Grandmom!

Jackson holding cousin Sam.  Loved how gentle he was with him.  He was really interested in how big he was and talked to him about his baby sister.  His Mother (cousin) Jeannie gets the parent of the year award.

Free child labor!

A little sledding action

This looks safe!
  On the way home Jackson wanted to watch Polar Express.

When we got home, there was SNOW!  We never get snow so this was one happy boy.

Do you really think that we wouldn't break out the hockey stick???!!!