Friday, September 30, 2011

Just a quickie

All is well here at the Curran house. Our post placement agency is coming out Wednesday afternoon for Jackson's TWO year post placement report. TWO years, I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday we were jumping through the various hoops of the Russian adoption process.

In our state, you have to have at least 3 post placement reports prior to beginning the re-adoption process. Apparently, you can pay additional for home visits to expedite the process (having visits between the post placement visits). However, we decided to wait for the official home visits prior to starting the U.S. adoption process. Around the end of October we should be able to officially send in the 3 post placement reports to our Attorney.

This weekend, we plan to stay around the house and do some cleaning and serious playing in the yard. It has been raining non-stop for what seems like months and we have a certain 3 year old that is super stir crazy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Capitals & Flyers Rookie Game - Philadelphia 9/15/11

Papa and Jack watching warm-ups

View from the Suite

These two enjoy each other a bunch

Jack and I sitting next to former Flyer, Ian Laperriere

Ian Laperriere visits our Suite

Laperriere wasn't thrilled that Monkey was wearing a Capitals jersey

Intently watching the game

Living the good life in the Suite

Nana and Jack

Air Force Two (occasionally was Air Force One at times)

He desperately wanted to push buttons

Going in a C-130

Jack and I headed up to see my parents in Dover this weekend. My work schedule these days has me off Thursday, Friday and Saturdays, and we had heard that the Capitals (mine and Jacks' favorite team) was playing a training camp game against the Flyers (Papa's favorite team) on Thursday afternoon so we went and checked it out. If you follow the blog, you probably know that Jack is a huge hockey fan, so we jumped at the chance to take him to a game in Philly. Anyway, when we got there, an intern walked up and asked if we would like to sit in a Suite and meet former Flyer, Ian Laperriere. This guy was a huge fan favorite in Philly a few years ago, so we jumped at the chance. We watched warm-ups from ice level then headed up to a Suite, not really knowing what to expect. When we got there, there were just 7 other people there, and we had free food and drink and really comfortable seats, private bathroom, etc. It was really sweet (pun intended!). So, we watched the game for a while, then Laperriere walked in and chatted us up for a while. Jack's monkey was wearing a Capitals jersey (obviously the rep that offered us the suite didn't see that when she gave us the tickets), and Laperriere had a good time pretending to fight Monkey. He told us we need a Flyers jersey for Monkey.

So basically what should have been just a night at a hockey game turned into a night to remember for all three of us Currans! Here is a video of why Laperriere is so beloved in Philly:

Also on this trip, Papa took us to the Mobile Air Command museum at Dover Air Force Base near my parents house. Jack really enjoyed seeing all the planes. At one point, Papa showed Jack a model of a B-24 WWII plane, and said "my Dad used to fly this plane" to which Jack replied "mine too". Glad to know Jack thinks that much of me! We had a great time looking at and walking through the planes. Papa took us out to lunch and for ice cream while Nana had a DRs appointment and worked a little.

We came home and hung out with Mommy all day today and although our Vols lost today, we had a great family day watching and playing football. Tomorrow is Mommy-Son day because I have to work (blah!). It should be illegal for any places of business to be open during NFL games, unless said business serves beer and wings, which mine certainly doesn't!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Activities

Last night we went to a Norfolk Tides baseball game. Jack had a BLAST! He couldn't keep his eyes off the game, and probably should be classified as a sports fanatic.

Mommy and Jackson just before the fireworks.
Daddy and Jackson during the 'accidental' fireworks the stadium set off...oops...
Family of 3,
Jackson making his fake smile face. Somewhere between a pucker and a smile.
Jack with is hand over his heart during the National Anthem. He loves that part!
Daddy and Jackson, pretty cool photo.
Harbor Park behind us, just before the game started.
Fuddruckers before the game.
"Cheers" on our french fries!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mommy + Daddy = Dummy

Dummy is the combo name that Jackson calls us. He has no clue that he is calling us dummy, but does it all the time. Kind of like a pug + beagle = puggle, I guess! When he starts to talk to one parent, and realizes its the wrong parent standing there, "dummy" come out of his mouth. He will think this is really funny when he is our age (hopefully).

Jackson got professional haircut #2 yesterday. Check out the stink eye he was giving the entire time. He was still, and did a good job though. I decided to get it cut super short because his hair naturally grows into a wicked mullet. Hopefully we don't have to spend $21 on a haircut for a couple of months. He did enjoy the sucker at the end :)

Hurricane Irene came to visit a couple of weeks ago. She stayed a day or so, did lots of yard damage, but we never lost power (more than for a couple of seconds). Jackson and I went out and made a huge pile of debris, and now Daddy & Jackson get to haul it to the curb today.

My 83 year old Grandmother and her husband Rex is coming to visit in October. That should be fun. We don't ever get the chance to do anything "touristy" so maybe I can find some fun activities for us. Bill would like to check out the ships and I wouldn't mind to take them on a cruise or something like that.

We are still planning a little short trip in October, maybe Busch Gardens? I haven't had time to look in to it very much, but maybe I can get us something booked in the next week or so. The goal is to get a hotel with an indoor pool so we can play at the hotel during downtime.

Speaking of downtime....we have had some struggles with bedtime over the last few months.. "Some struggles" is putting it mildly. Jack is a typical kid during the day, but then at bedtime he becomes....uh...difficult. It is up to an hour of screaming, hitting, biting, kicking, spitting, etc. We are both at a loss, really. We have tried consistency, inconsistency, etc. I am considering a doctors visit in the next couple of months if it doesn't improve. As an example, last night Bill prompted him that we would go back to his room in 5 minutes. Jackson immediately started hitting him. Bill ignored it for a long time, gave him a 2 minute warning to go to his room, and the hitting continued. We all got up to go to his room and Jackson punched Bill so hard that his glasses flew across the room about 10'. Of course, this behavior continues for some time before he finally cries himself into exhaustion. Anyway, this doesn't make us love him any less, but it isn't something that we look forward to. He is big enough that it actually hurts us. Hopefully it is a phase? Either way, it isn't fun for any of us.

I don't want to end on a bad note, or give the idea that Jack is a bad kid - he isn't. He is a loving, sweet little boy that is a true blessing to us. Tomorrow, we may go to a baseball game and ride the train. He digs trains, so this is really a treat for him.

We hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend!

Dummies and Jackson