Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Halloween Weekend Fun

Jackson's teacher sent home a 'turkey feather' for him to decorate with his family that tells about him and his interests. It will go on a larger turkey on the wall of their classroom. Daddy and Jackson cut items out of various magazines, and Jackson and I glued them to the paper (and to the table and our hands).
Close up. Notice the Flyers hockey player. Papa is having surgery on Tuesday so Jackson wanted a Flyers player on the feather for Papa for good luck (good luck Papa).

Making Mummy Hot dogs

Jackson loved these hot dogs. He ate the eyes first.

Carving his 1st pumpkin with Daddy last Friday when they had a Father/Son day

Finished product. Missing a tooth, just like a hockey player

Making spooky cupcakes

Daddy works on Sunday's, so the J man and I usually find some neat things to do around the house. Luckily for me, he really likes about everything.

Today we made and decorated cupcakes. Seems that most of the chocolate made it in his mouth.

The loot!

I am so handsome!

Serious about frosting!

Friday, October 28, 2011

2 years ago today

We were in Moscow on our layover about to leave for New York. Jackson had no idea what was going on, and Bill and I (as new parents), didn't either! Sometimes it seems that he has been with us since day 1, and I actually have to remind myself that his first 15 months was spent elsewhere. It brings up all kinds of feelings, both happy and sad. Happy the we were brought together as a family by nothing short of a miracle. Sad that his first 15 months weren't spent in the best of circumstances.

Today at the kitchen table

2 years ago, when we got home from Russia

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gotcha Day Anniversary Vacation - Day 3 of 3

3rd and final day activities on our Gotcha Day Vacation!

Entrance to the roller coaster Jackson loved so much

Big ol' bunny

Bumper cars!!! Jack went full speed, but just in one circular direction!

Criss-Cross Applesauce

This swing went way too slow for his taste.

Self photo

Ladybug rides (he has a ladybug named "Larry" at home)

Within 1 minute of getting in the car, he curled up with Larry and was asleep.

Gotcha Day Anniversary Vacation - Day 2 of 3

Busch Gardens

Jack's favorite ride - it was actually a rollercoaster and he LOVED it!

The only ride he didn't like!

Worm ride

Waffle fries!

Train ride

Tea cup ride - made Mom sick!

Elephant ride - made Mom sick just watching it go in circles!

Jackson's 1st boat ride