Sunday, December 29, 2013

Long time no post!

Hockey Initiation

Soccer Class

Family Date

Family Date Night

Disney on Ice

Jackson using Alexa as a Zamboni

Pumpkin Carving with Papa


Before school Nov 2013

Hockey Initiation Game

Watching TV on Mom & Dads bed

Video of Hockey Initiation

Handsome boy
We have been one busy family lately.  Growing our family by 1 and adding so many activities has taken its toll on our blog!
Jackson had Soccer lessons for a few months, as well as Hockey learn to skate and initiation.  He was enjoying Hockey so much more than Soccer, we decided to drop Soccer and go with Hockey full time.  He is currently in initiation and doing very well.  They run drills and practice techniques for the first 45 minutes then scrimmage the last 15 minutes.  The ages are mixed, so he is in with kids ages 5 through 8!  He can actually hold his own against the teens, which Daddy is very proud of.  He is strengthening his ankles and techniques, and hopefully will be on a team sometime in 2014. 
Jackson is an excellent big brother.  He enjoys playing with Alexa, does very well with being careful, and is a big help.  He is really proud to be a big brother and we couldn't be any more fortunate to have such a wonderful family of 4.  I am still trying to talk Bill into being a family of 5, which right now he is only partially open to...but I am pretty persuasive so stay tuned!