Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mommy - Son Day

 Jackson buying and sitting in his brand new big boy booster seat!  He was so proud!!
 Grocery store trip, he insisted on being "smashed" by groceries.  Note not 1, but 2 gallons of ice cream on top of the heap!
 Fake sad face.
 Jackson chillin while at Mommy's 3 hour doctor appointment.  He was so calm the entire time.  He is starting to get into his Leapster.
 Watching Elf on a Shelf!
 Mug shot so we can apply for a U.S. Passport.
Jackson and I had 3 days alone together a couple of weekends ago.  Poor child, I drug him all over the country running errands and he loved it!  Isn't he the most handsome child you have ever seen in your life??!!!!