Sunday, June 26, 2011

Posting comments

I have received several emails over the last couple of months saying that our readers cannot post comments. I did some research, and I really can't figure out why this is the case?

If anyone has advice, please email me.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

This weekend Bill took Jackson to visit Nana and Papa and Aunt Carolyn and Cousin Emily. Jack isn't much on traveling (to and from), but he sure does enjoy himself when they arrive. 4 hours of screaming = a cranky & tired Dad on Fathers Day!

Jack bought Daddy a cake, and made him dinner (well, the part that wasn't take out). As my gift to Bill, I cleaned like crazy and actually did the dishes (which is his normal job). Jack made him a card and Jackson made him a cool glove and ball at school in Art. We also bought him a couple typical Dad gifts, like socks, belt and a shirt.

Jack keeps saying "HAPPY FADDERS DAY DADDY", and is showering Daddy with lots of kisses and attention tonight. I think Bill approves.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We are not the Cleavers - you are not alone

Several bloggers are posting about their adoption story and the difficulties that arise from adopting a child that was previously in an orphanage (thanks for the challenge Amy!). Many bloggers 'sugar coat' the adoption and bonding process so it doesn't appear too negative or under-appreciative. We are no different in this respect. Our process has not been an easy one, but we continue to work on it every day. By working on it, I mean it is WORK.

Jackson is very active, and extremely sensitive. Although I do not feel comfortable posting our struggles, we do have them...and we have them a LOT. Below are a few of the bloggers that are posting (very bravely) about their struggles. We have many of these same issues, and try on a daily basis to work them out. We love our son, and I feel like the luckiest Mom alive. However, we are NOT the Cleavers - you are not alone!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We wish the weekends were longer

We had a very busy weekend, productive, but busy! We cleaned the house (Jacks favorite) and the cars, had the oil changed in Bills car, took my car rental back and went to the Pirate Festival on Saturday (with dinner afterwards). On Sunday, we had a meeting with the Realtor about the house and ran our usual Sunday errands. Bill usually grills at least one weekend day, and today was the day. The dogs finally got baths too.

The Realtor visit was interesting. Apparently, if the owner sells the house to us, he will not have to pay realtor fees, which would save him money. Seems the visit today was more of a selling push than anything else. I know what he bought the house for in 2000, and he wants way more than it is worth (in my opinion). With that said, we won't shut the door yet on buying it - but it doesn't look favorable.

Tomorrow Jack goes back to school, although he has asked a couple times to "go ms Donna's house" this weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow morning will go smoothly when he realizes he is going to school instead.

Jackson and I will go to Missouri next month to see my family. He is looking forward to going on a plane again. The older he gets, the less he is able to sit down for more than 2 minutes, so the plane ride (including a layover in Chicago) should be interesting. My Dad had a horse fall on him a couple weeks ago and it hurt his leg. When we talk about Grandpa Tony, Jackson says "leg hurt". Of course, Bills dad (AKA Papa) had surgery a couple of months ago as well, so when we talk about Papa, Jackson says "tummy cut - cut".

Speaking of surgery, Jackson is going to have to have his eye surgery repeated in August. We have been going to the Opthamologist every 3 months since his surgery in Dec 09, and his eyes are slowly worsening. We knew there was a good chance he would have to get the surgery repeated, it just breaks our hearts. Hopefully the 2nd time around will remedy the issue completely. At least he will not have to wear the eye patch this time around.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mrs. Donna's Take 2

Here is the J man at Mrs. Donna's today working hard! He is still getting along well there and I think he will miss them when he goes back to school next week. We will definitely use her as a back up going forward (school is closed again for a week the end of August).

This weekend we have big plans! Bill wants us to all go to the Pirate Fest on Saturday, and has Jackson super excited about it. Also, we have some serious cleaning to do because a Realtor is coming over on Sunday. The owner of our rental house is considering selling, so we have set up a meeting time on Sunday morning for a tour and discussion about our lease. Sounds like a possible move coming up in our future, which is not what we had planned. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mrs. Donna's

Jack's school is closed this week, so we finally located an alternate babysitter we are comfortable with. Here are the kids she is keeping right now. ALL blonde's! Ha! Jack went to bed last night and woke up this morning saying "go Mrs Donna's house"! Too bad she only has business hours until 5pm because we both really like her.