Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

This weekend Bill took Jackson to visit Nana and Papa and Aunt Carolyn and Cousin Emily. Jack isn't much on traveling (to and from), but he sure does enjoy himself when they arrive. 4 hours of screaming = a cranky & tired Dad on Fathers Day!

Jack bought Daddy a cake, and made him dinner (well, the part that wasn't take out). As my gift to Bill, I cleaned like crazy and actually did the dishes (which is his normal job). Jack made him a card and Jackson made him a cool glove and ball at school in Art. We also bought him a couple typical Dad gifts, like socks, belt and a shirt.

Jack keeps saying "HAPPY FADDERS DAY DADDY", and is showering Daddy with lots of kisses and attention tonight. I think Bill approves.

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