Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Outing

This past weekend we took a trip to the zoo! Jack and I had been there on one of his class outings earlier this year, but Mommy had never been so we loaded up and had a family outing. Jack loves animals so anytime we can get out and see/touch them is a great day for him (and us, we love animals too).

This time though we rode the little train around the zoo, and that was probably Jack's favorite part of the day. He loved saying "choo choo" when we were on the train, and then anytime we heard the train horn the rest of the day. Mommy's favorite part was probably the Mommy and baby giraffe's that made her think of her and Jack. Daddy's favorite part was the two giant turtles that were feeling a little amorous. Apparently August is turtle mating season. I heard a little girl say "Daddy what are they doing?" but I couldn't hear the Dad's answer (I wanted to hear what he said so I could use his answer when Jack asks me some day). Unfortunately I couldn't get out the camera in time or there would have been pictures and/or video of that on here as well.

After the zoo we stopped for ice cream, and it was just a great family day. As you can see, Jack was pretty zonked out on the trip home.

We will have to head back to the zoo in the spring to see the new baby turtle exhibit!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning Daddy!

I thought this picture was funny. This is the essence of Jack 24/7. Bill was making him cheesy eggs for breakfast this morning & Jack likes to do everything Daddy does. Needless to say, he made his own omelet!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jackson goes to a birthday party!

Yesterday we took Jack to a birthday party for a little girl named Sophia, she turned 1 this weekend. Her Mom decked out the backyard with 2 bouncy houses, tents, and lots of BBQ!

We took Jack because since Bill is a stay at home Dad, he (Bill or Jack) doesn't get to socialize very often with people their own age. Jack had a good time (and so did Bill) bouncing around & playing catch with a football. Jack was too busy to eat much, and after a couple hours he was super tired (and somewhat overwhelmed).

Jack stayed with his parents about 80% of the time, and only had a couple moments where he "escaped" and tried to run into the street (this is an improvement). He wanted to bounce with the big kids in the bouncy house but they were around 11 -13 years old! His main points of interest other than the bounce house, were the broom & the vacuum cleaner in the house. My boy is serious about a clean environment!

One time, a male at the party disciplined him & I caught myself almost freaking out. We still do not let anyone discipline Jackson except for us due to bonding. I was able to calm down & realize that he thought Jack could have been hurt so that is why he spoke up. It is hard to explain to non AP's why we do the things we do & the real purposes behind our actions. It is hard to explain that we are still 'new' to Jack and he is still finding out that we are his parents and main caregivers.

On a separate note - Jack went #1 and #2 on the big boy potty yesterday! He gets so excited & gets to pick out a sticker when he either tries hard or is successful. The boy loves stickers almost as much as he does cleaning!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nana & Papa and the case of the missing nuts!

Part 1

A couple of months ago, Nana bought Jack these little people. When she gave them to him, she said that they were "Nana & Papa". Now, he plays with Nana & Papa often.

Part 2

Jack loves to eat nuts for snack. Bill had bought some at the store because Nana & Papa were coming to visit (because they like mixed nuts as well).

Part 3

Jack wanted nuts for a snack the other day & Bill told him he had to wait for Nana & Papa to get there.

Part 4

Jack disappears, and Bill finds him in the living room with the mixed nuts, and with the Nana & Papa little people. All 3 of them are eating the mixed nuts.

Part 5

Bill thought it was so cute, he let him just eat the nuts.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10. 2010

It is great being home this week. I got home on Friday and I get to stay home until this Friday (a full week!!!).

This weekend Nana and Papa are moving up North, and Bill & Jack will help them move. It will be the 1st official time Jackson will not have Bill or I in the same room since October 2009. Nana will watch Jack and his bff (AKA Emily) while Bill helps unload the truck. Of course, Bill will still be 'around', but he won't be RIGHT there.

On a similar front, I have been searching for a part time baby sitter. It is a difficult process for several reasons - but most of all probably because I am being too picky. We have decided to put Jack in daycare so he can have exposure to socialization, to give Daddy a break, and because right now we have the luxury of starting this process slowly vs waiting for Bill to get a job out of the home and just throwing Jack in full time.
This picture is what Grandma Sherri bought Jack for his birthday! Thanks Grandma Sherri!