Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jackson goes to a birthday party!

Yesterday we took Jack to a birthday party for a little girl named Sophia, she turned 1 this weekend. Her Mom decked out the backyard with 2 bouncy houses, tents, and lots of BBQ!

We took Jack because since Bill is a stay at home Dad, he (Bill or Jack) doesn't get to socialize very often with people their own age. Jack had a good time (and so did Bill) bouncing around & playing catch with a football. Jack was too busy to eat much, and after a couple hours he was super tired (and somewhat overwhelmed).

Jack stayed with his parents about 80% of the time, and only had a couple moments where he "escaped" and tried to run into the street (this is an improvement). He wanted to bounce with the big kids in the bouncy house but they were around 11 -13 years old! His main points of interest other than the bounce house, were the broom & the vacuum cleaner in the house. My boy is serious about a clean environment!

One time, a male at the party disciplined him & I caught myself almost freaking out. We still do not let anyone discipline Jackson except for us due to bonding. I was able to calm down & realize that he thought Jack could have been hurt so that is why he spoke up. It is hard to explain to non AP's why we do the things we do & the real purposes behind our actions. It is hard to explain that we are still 'new' to Jack and he is still finding out that we are his parents and main caregivers.

On a separate note - Jack went #1 and #2 on the big boy potty yesterday! He gets so excited & gets to pick out a sticker when he either tries hard or is successful. The boy loves stickers almost as much as he does cleaning!

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