Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Outing

This past weekend we took a trip to the zoo! Jack and I had been there on one of his class outings earlier this year, but Mommy had never been so we loaded up and had a family outing. Jack loves animals so anytime we can get out and see/touch them is a great day for him (and us, we love animals too).

This time though we rode the little train around the zoo, and that was probably Jack's favorite part of the day. He loved saying "choo choo" when we were on the train, and then anytime we heard the train horn the rest of the day. Mommy's favorite part was probably the Mommy and baby giraffe's that made her think of her and Jack. Daddy's favorite part was the two giant turtles that were feeling a little amorous. Apparently August is turtle mating season. I heard a little girl say "Daddy what are they doing?" but I couldn't hear the Dad's answer (I wanted to hear what he said so I could use his answer when Jack asks me some day). Unfortunately I couldn't get out the camera in time or there would have been pictures and/or video of that on here as well.

After the zoo we stopped for ice cream, and it was just a great family day. As you can see, Jack was pretty zonked out on the trip home.

We will have to head back to the zoo in the spring to see the new baby turtle exhibit!


  1. Awesome, Something about our kids and their love of animals...Kristina tried to rescue a ground squirrel from the sitters dogs the other day..."The first time I picked it up it was all slippery, the second time it bit me!"...Suprise!