Monday, May 30, 2011

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Beach day with the boys

Here are a few photos of the beach trip we took today. 3 days off work to spend as a family was a true blessing this weekend. We enjoyed our quality together time!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Strawberry Festival

We started our Memorial Day Weekend "staycation" this weekend at a strawberry festival in our area. It was HOT but fun, and as you can see, Jack enjoyed the rides. He had never really ridden any carnival or theme park type rides, so we weren't sure how he would react. We figured he would be okay since he is a daredevil around the house, but you never know. Anyway, the first ride he did was a ride called the "wiggle worm", which could easily be a nickname of his. Michelle rode this with him and he did great! He then rode the tea cups with me, then a flying monkey ride with Michelle before finishing up with a bulldozer ride by himself. Actually, there was a little girl in his bulldozer, and we caught him checking her out once or twice. He's gonna be a ladies man! He loved the rides, and wanted to ride more, but we bribed him away with a strawberry dessert instead.

Jack passed the "carnival ride test" with flying colors, so the next step is a trip to a real theme park, then eventually onto Disney World.

We don't have any concrete plans for the rest of the long weekend, but we'll figure something out. Happy Memorial Day everyone, especially to our friends and family who have served. Thank You!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is a beach!

I love this picture! This is Jackson at the beach with Daddy today. This is the first time we went this year, so he was a little apprehensive at first of the waves but warmed up quickly.

This is Jackson's last week in the 2 1/2 yr old classroom. Summer school starts June 6th. Then he officially goes into the 3 year old classroom. We do not know his new teachers yet, but we hope they were as good (and patient) as his teachers this year.

Right now, Jackson is asleep and Bill is playing Wii boxing. I am trying not to laugh, but this is probably the best entertainment I have had all year!!! I may have to secretly videotape this and post it later :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Another Mothers Day is upon us! So much has happened in the year since last Mothers Day, but the most fun thing for me to witness has been the bond being built between Michelle and Jack. As an observer of their relationship, I can see that they live for one another, and that is a pretty special thing to see. From the moment each of them wakes up, they want to be around the other all the way til the minute they go to bed. It is a two way street of love, and I am happy to be a pedestrian walking along side that road!

For our Mothers Day weekend, we decided to go to a local produce stop where we can pick strawberries. The particular area we went to has a Strawberry Festival in a few weeks, so we figured if they have a whole festival about their strawberries, they must be doing something right. So, we picked a bunch (with Jack eating most of the ones we picked before they even got close to being put in the bucket). Personally, I am not a huge strawberry fan, but these looked so great, I had to try them. They tasted every bit as good as they looked, and we had strawberry shortcake after dinner tonight. We also picked up a fresh local tomato while we were there, and it was the best tomato we have ever had too!

While we were driving to the strawberry patch, we saw some old time war planes flying over. There is a World War I and II aviation museum nearby, and they had some flights going on today so we stopped in and watched them fly for a few minutes. Jack loved seeing these planes in the air. They were slow prop planes, and not very loud so Jack could watch them without getting his little ears hurt.

Anyway, it was a great start to our Mothers Day weekend. Tomorrow, Mommy gets to sleep in while Jack and I make her breakfast. Other than that we don't plan on doing much.

To all the Mothers out there, Have a GREAT Mommies Day! We also want to send a special shout out to our own Mothers, Sherri and Regina on this most special day. Thanks for everything you have done for us Moms!