Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Strawberry Festival

We started our Memorial Day Weekend "staycation" this weekend at a strawberry festival in our area. It was HOT but fun, and as you can see, Jack enjoyed the rides. He had never really ridden any carnival or theme park type rides, so we weren't sure how he would react. We figured he would be okay since he is a daredevil around the house, but you never know. Anyway, the first ride he did was a ride called the "wiggle worm", which could easily be a nickname of his. Michelle rode this with him and he did great! He then rode the tea cups with me, then a flying monkey ride with Michelle before finishing up with a bulldozer ride by himself. Actually, there was a little girl in his bulldozer, and we caught him checking her out once or twice. He's gonna be a ladies man! He loved the rides, and wanted to ride more, but we bribed him away with a strawberry dessert instead.

Jack passed the "carnival ride test" with flying colors, so the next step is a trip to a real theme park, then eventually onto Disney World.

We don't have any concrete plans for the rest of the long weekend, but we'll figure something out. Happy Memorial Day everyone, especially to our friends and family who have served. Thank You!

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