Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jackson is 6!!

Today I am feeling very nostalgic about our son.  Our son that we brought home at 15 months of age.  Our son that was tiny, delayed, and did not show any joy or understand how to show affection or receive love.  Our son, that if you look almost 5 years later you will see the most joyous child you will probably ever encounter.  He is smart, athletic, ornery, loving and happy.  We are lucky to have him in our life.  I am lucky that adoption has touched me so deeply.  I am lucky that Jackson is my son.  I am lucky he grew in my heart and not my belly.  That's how I feel - lucky.

When I am asked about adoption - I say "the process is not easy but its worth it".  It's true.

Now having a biological child as well, I can say for a fact that I love my children equally.  Recently, I made a mistake and told a stranger Jack's story.  I don't know what compelled me to do it, because I make a conscious effort to make sure its his story.  It isn't my story to tell.  Right when it came out of my mouth I started getting the dumb questions and remarks that  many people hear/say.  Yeah, I felt irritated - but mostly I felt ignorant for breaking my own rule.  Health care providers need this information, and nobody else does.  Its a personal decision for each family to make, however our family discussed it and this is a rule we have set.  Simply, its Jackson's story to tell.  He will talk about it if and when he wants to- but who am I to set him apart or make him feel differently.  Its our job to help him grow and become a well adjusted adult that can think for himself and become the best he can be - whatever that may be.

Today we had a birthday party for Jackson at a local trampoline park.  We ended up having around 20 people.  Jack wanted pizza ice cream and cake (of course a hockey cake).  He had a blast!  The kids and actually the parents also had a blast.  Last week his grandparents and cousin Emily were here and we had a family party for him here at home too.  His favorite gift is probably a hockey game that sits on the floor.  Every time he tried to play with it his sister would come sit right in the middle of it.  I love watching how gentle and caring he is to her.

Jackson also starts public school Kindergarten in a few weeks.  He is super excited but Mom is super stressed out!  He has been at the same private school for a long time.  In our town they just do part day Kindergarten so he has before and after care on site.  He also wants to ride the school bus but I am not ready for that yet! 

In October we are going to go to Disney World.  Jack may lose his mind when we get there, he is going to love it!  I anticipate a very exhausted child(ren) that week.  Next July we are going to go on the Russian Adoption Disney cruise again hopefully.  The group is trying to get together once every 2 years now.  We are lucky to have good friends that have similar experiences as we do.

Jackson is still playing hockey.  He is currently in pond hockey but this Fall he will move onto a more organized team.  He plans to be a NFL player when he grows up.  Plan B is a Pilot or a Fire Fighter, he just cant decide which one :)

I cant think of any more updates.  Sorry its been so long since our last post. Life got pretty busy after #2.   We hope everyone is having a great summer!