Friday, May 11, 2012

Duck house moving along

The cabinets went in today, electrical is being done tomorrow, countertops & final plumbing next week.  The wall was blown out and arched last week, porch replaced, A/C replaced (refurbished unit), plaster repair, deck and fence repair, kitchen bulk heads removed and garage door replacement done last week. Still to come?  Flooring and final painting. Some exterior paint, home inspection...and...closing?  Maybe this one will actually close?!!!!
This weekend, Jackson is looking foward to packing boxes & buying major appliances.  I met a lady that sells scratch and dent to Builders and she has some packages put together for us to look at tomorrow.  Hopefully she has something we like, and we will move forward with the purchase.  If there is something we really like, but needs a replacement part (like a refridgerator door), we can get that ordered if it is the most cost effective approach.

New cabinets
  Old cabinets
Jackson is also looking forward to the POD that will be delivered to our house on the 18th.  I really think that we should continue to take this slow and steady to ease the transition.  He loves the excitement for sure!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We are ratified!

Well, we ratified a contract a few days ago for a "fixer upper" house.  We are all excited, but given the fact that we have been looking for a house for 1 1/2 yrs it doesn't seem real yet.  It seems we are always getting outbid, the house is sinking into the ground (literally), or all of plumbing and electrical has to be re-done!  Honestly, the cost of housing near the beach is pretty expensive so a fixer upper in a decent neighborhood is about all we can afford.  This particular house was a foreclcosure, and we are working with a contractor to get the interior fixed up.  He is doing the major items, we are doing the minor items.  The exterior will be fixed up after we move in (none of it is an emergency).
In true Curran style (well, I blame it on all of us, but its really just me), we tend to get too busy at one time.  Just seems everything gets busy at once!  We are having a POD container delivered in a couple of weeks, and plan to have most items packed and loaded by the 25th of this month.  I have surgery the 25th and will not be able to lift for several really its a necessity.  Hopefully the container idea works out.  We close on Tuesday the 29th,  and hope to move that weekend!!  What makes all of this hectic, is I am supposed to be out of town for a big chunk of this time!  Ahhhhh, hectic!  Did I mention a probable torn ACL and an appointment with and Orthapedic Surgeon the Tuesday?  Anyway...we are both concerned about how this will affect Jackson.  He tends to have behavioral issues when I travel.  Couple this with the fact that his entire life will be turned upside worries us.  We are talking about it a LOT, and driving by the house on occassion as well.  We think he will dig the big container in the driveway, and it will help him to see our 'stuff' is going into this container, allow him to be a big part of it and it will all go to the new house.  We packed our 1st box as a family last night, which he enjoyed (even though he kept wanting to get in it and hide or drive it like a car). 
Right now, Jackson is reading "A Mother For Choco".  It's a book about a little bird named Choco that is looking for a Mommy that looks just like him.  At the end, he ends up with a bear for a Mommy that also has a pig, aligator and a hippo for children. Jackson said he wanted to take Choco with us to the new house, which is fine with me :)