Friday, May 11, 2012

Duck house moving along

The cabinets went in today, electrical is being done tomorrow, countertops & final plumbing next week.  The wall was blown out and arched last week, porch replaced, A/C replaced (refurbished unit), plaster repair, deck and fence repair, kitchen bulk heads removed and garage door replacement done last week. Still to come?  Flooring and final painting. Some exterior paint, home inspection...and...closing?  Maybe this one will actually close?!!!!
This weekend, Jackson is looking foward to packing boxes & buying major appliances.  I met a lady that sells scratch and dent to Builders and she has some packages put together for us to look at tomorrow.  Hopefully she has something we like, and we will move forward with the purchase.  If there is something we really like, but needs a replacement part (like a refridgerator door), we can get that ordered if it is the most cost effective approach.

New cabinets
  Old cabinets
Jackson is also looking forward to the POD that will be delivered to our house on the 18th.  I really think that we should continue to take this slow and steady to ease the transition.  He loves the excitement for sure!

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  1. Love the new cabinets! Super excited for you guys! I bet you can't wait to get into the new place.