Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 10. 2010

It is great being home this week. I got home on Friday and I get to stay home until this Friday (a full week!!!).

This weekend Nana and Papa are moving up North, and Bill & Jack will help them move. It will be the 1st official time Jackson will not have Bill or I in the same room since October 2009. Nana will watch Jack and his bff (AKA Emily) while Bill helps unload the truck. Of course, Bill will still be 'around', but he won't be RIGHT there.

On a similar front, I have been searching for a part time baby sitter. It is a difficult process for several reasons - but most of all probably because I am being too picky. We have decided to put Jack in daycare so he can have exposure to socialization, to give Daddy a break, and because right now we have the luxury of starting this process slowly vs waiting for Bill to get a job out of the home and just throwing Jack in full time.
This picture is what Grandma Sherri bought Jack for his birthday! Thanks Grandma Sherri!

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  1. Love the picture! Jack looks like he is geting so big! Enjoy your time home! Good Luck with the sitter and don't worry about being too picky you will know when it is right for you, Bill and Jack. You have great instincts so don't worry you will find the perfect one. Miss you guys lots!