Monday, August 16, 2010

Nana & Papa and the case of the missing nuts!

Part 1

A couple of months ago, Nana bought Jack these little people. When she gave them to him, she said that they were "Nana & Papa". Now, he plays with Nana & Papa often.

Part 2

Jack loves to eat nuts for snack. Bill had bought some at the store because Nana & Papa were coming to visit (because they like mixed nuts as well).

Part 3

Jack wanted nuts for a snack the other day & Bill told him he had to wait for Nana & Papa to get there.

Part 4

Jack disappears, and Bill finds him in the living room with the mixed nuts, and with the Nana & Papa little people. All 3 of them are eating the mixed nuts.

Part 5

Bill thought it was so cute, he let him just eat the nuts.


  1. Boy that Jackson sure is a smart one. He wanted the nuts and knew he needed to share with Nana and Papa, so he did! Great story!

  2. OH man! He's a smartie pants! That's hysterical!