Monday, September 6, 2010

3 Day Weekend!

Mama and Jackson started a weekend project of refinishing a dresser that Daddy's parents had given him years ago. I can't say for sure how many layers of paint are on that dresser, but seems there are several. We worked on it all weekend, and needless to say - we aren't even 1/2 way done yet!

Here is a picture of Jack hanging out with his buddy Mike the cat. Mike is an older cat that had never been around children so we were a bit worried about his response when Jackson came home. Mike LOVES Jack (to a fault). He comforts him when he is crying, he hangs in there when Jack is rough on him, and seems to have taken on the role of a parent. Very cute!

When I was gone last week, Bill sent me this picture of Jack on the big boy potty. Jack likes to read the USA Today while relaxing on the commode. Wonder where he got that idea????


  1. So so cute! Love the big potty picture!

  2. HA HA HA!!! Love the picture of Jack on the froggie potty reading USA Today! Hilarious!!

  3. Jackson is growing up! Love the froggy potty picture:)

  4. wow -- classic potty shot!!! Definitely a keeper. Can't believe it's going on a year already. Time flies, eh?

    Laura :)