Friday, October 28, 2011

2 years ago today

We were in Moscow on our layover about to leave for New York. Jackson had no idea what was going on, and Bill and I (as new parents), didn't either! Sometimes it seems that he has been with us since day 1, and I actually have to remind myself that his first 15 months was spent elsewhere. It brings up all kinds of feelings, both happy and sad. Happy the we were brought together as a family by nothing short of a miracle. Sad that his first 15 months weren't spent in the best of circumstances.

Today at the kitchen table

2 years ago, when we got home from Russia


  1. Jack is getting to be such a big boy!!! Such feelings of the "before" but now what a wonderful miracle to have these babies as our "forever"!!!!

  2. Look at the difference in Jack's eyes and smile. So glad you made him part of our family!