Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Activities

Last night we went to a Norfolk Tides baseball game. Jack had a BLAST! He couldn't keep his eyes off the game, and probably should be classified as a sports fanatic.

Mommy and Jackson just before the fireworks.
Daddy and Jackson during the 'accidental' fireworks the stadium set off...oops...
Family of 3,
Jackson making his fake smile face. Somewhere between a pucker and a smile.
Jack with is hand over his heart during the National Anthem. He loves that part!
Daddy and Jackson, pretty cool photo.
Harbor Park behind us, just before the game started.
Fuddruckers before the game.
"Cheers" on our french fries!

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  1. He gets more adorable with each post. He looks so big, so healthy, so happy and so full of love. Your family is obviously the perfect home for your baby! It' been awhile since it's been relevant but, congrats! You are a wonderful success story!!!