Saturday, February 9, 2013

What is in a name?

When we chose Jackson's name, I would like to say we looked high and low and poured over every birth name book ever sold.  But we both really loved the name Jackson, and called him Jack right when we began the adoption process.  However, his middle name was still undetermined.  We liked Nicholas, David, and Cash (well, I liked Cash - Bill wasn't buying it), as well as a few others.  Jackson's given name was "Andrey", and when we met him the name was sealed.  "Jackson Andrey".  The baby home referred to him as "Androosha", which we both still call him today.  When we introduce him to the hockey stadium (part of our home where he skates), he wants to be introduced as "Jackson Androosha Boy" that plays for the Capitals or the Admirals (although on occassion he pretends like he is Ovechkin).

When we named the new baby, we wanted Jackson to be a big part of that process.  He really wanted to name her Fireman Sam for a long time, then agreed to Princess Fireman Sam, then agreed to Alexandria.  Jackson does think that the name is too long for her to learn how to write, so he feels Alex is the best choice for her.  Hence, Alex is what she is going by at this time.

Here is an art project he made at school this week.  Each day when they work on a letter they have an art project that starts with that letter.  For instance, this week they have worked on "w" and drew a watermelon.  On this day, they worked on "o" and made an ouchy.  It really warmed my heart to see he included his baby sister in his art project.  Funny as it appears, I believe this is his way of preparing for her arrival!


  1. I still like the name "Fireman Sam"! Love the ouch picture! Love the way Jackson is already taking care of his baby sister by telling you her name is to long. What a great big brother he is going to make!

    PS By the way I love the name Alexandria. We have a great niece by that name and we call her Lexxi!

  2. that's really cute that he got to have a big impact in the new baby's name! you must be so excited. thank you for opening up and sharing your life, your blog is very sweet and inspiring! xx