Monday, February 4, 2013

Curran Baby Shower

 Last weekend my Sister in law Carolyn had a really nice baby shower for Jackson's little sister.  It was actually a duo shower, which made it even more special.  Rita (my sis in law) is also pregnant and due the end of March).

Jackson had a really good time, and had been looking forward to it for weeks! 

Uncle Jim entertaining Jackson and Emily

Nana, Sta, Grandmom Lillian and a sneak peak of Cousin Ann Marie

Jackson and Aunt Chris, she flew all the way up from Florida!

Jackson and Emily were the gift openers

Jackson's favorite color? is pink!

My Sister in Law Rita is having a boy.  They are naming him Mikie!  Very happy she was a part of this and glad I have someone to talk to.
 Grandmom with boy and girl shots!  Go Grandmom!  Go Grandmom!

Jackson holding cousin Sam.  Loved how gentle he was with him.  He was really interested in how big he was and talked to him about his baby sister.  His Mother (cousin) Jeannie gets the parent of the year award.

Free child labor!

A little sledding action

This looks safe!
  On the way home Jackson wanted to watch Polar Express.

When we got home, there was SNOW!  We never get snow so this was one happy boy.

Do you really think that we wouldn't break out the hockey stick???!!!

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  1. he's so cute! the double shower idea sounds cute too, congratulations again!!
    take care xo