Thursday, February 28, 2013

Big Brother Tour!

Last night we had a Big Brother Tour at the hospital where we plan to deliver Alex.  Jackson got a super cool sticker, coloring book/crayons and of course a lollipop!  At one point, they had him diaper a teddy bear.  Although this is hard to do without getting the lollipop stuck in the fur of the teddy bear, we got er' done!
Jackson's favorite part of the tour was seeing the babies through the nursery window.  There were 2 right in front that appeared to be only hours old.  Jackson said "I loved that part, it was my favorite".  He also got to see the room where Alex would be born and the other room where they keep you for a couple of days.  He was really impressed by the cafeteria because they had potato chips stacked to the ceiling!  He saw where he will wait with Nana and Papa in the waiting room too.  Between the potato chips and seeing the babies, it was a success!  We think he will be the best big brother ever!!!!

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  1. sounds like a fun way to prepare! love the enthusiasm, yes he will be a kind, fun older brother!