Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bring on the warm weather!

We are so looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather!  Keeping Jackson inside, as far as he can tell, is a little like torture.  Don't get me wrong, he can go outside for awhile, but he can't wrap his mind around why he it isn't for a full 8 hour day when it is 30 degrees outside!!!
Daddy and Jackson filling up the bird feeder.

Action shots!  Hockey player Jackson without skates.  Notice the "Zamboni" in the background?  Occasionally he had to clean the ice...very important!

Jackson practicing for his baby sister Alex. 
We had a nice winter, but we are all looking forward to warmer weather around the Curran house.  Jackson is practicing how to be a gentleman, and is doing very well.  He is such a sweet natured kid, but passing gas at dinner and us trying not to laugh probably doesn't count as being well mannered.  We are also working on arguing and crying.  He is doing much better at arguing.  Bill says he gets that from me...of course, I argued and totally disagree  :)


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  1. all kids at that age have meltdowns and some are argumentative. but he will mature and he will be a great big brother! hope you all are well, xx