Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ice Skating Reward

Lately we have had some struggles with bedtime, so about a week ago we initiated a sticker reward chart.  It is working, and will more than likely make us go broke in the near future!!!  Here is how it works....Jackson gets to make a list of all the rewards he could potentially earn by having a good bedtime.  At the beginning of the week, he chooses 1 of the rewards and that is his goal to work towards. He has to earn 5 stickers to achieve the goal.  This week the chosen reward was ice skating.   He had 7 of 7 great bedtimes.  I don't think he is on to the fact that he only needs 5 of 7 yet!  The list of rewards he came up with is actually fairly extensive, he has a good imagination (or at least a lot of wants).  Next weeks goal is a hockey game!
Here are some photos/videos of his 1st time on ice.  He is such a natural!  We have inline skates at home that he uses, but he hasn't ever touched the ice or actual hockey skates.  We talked a lot about it before we went.  We told him at first he will have to hold on to the side or hold Daddy's hand and he may fall.  Boy, were we wrong!  That child hit the ice and took off.  After 1 loop around he told Daddy not to hold his hand anymore, and he could do it alone.  He even made a new friend.  This particular ice rink has 8 week skating lessons they are currently in the middle of, so we are thinking of starting him May 1 for the lessons.  We aren't sure how it will go, but he is such a natural it is worth a try.  We plan to take him a couple more times in April before he starts.  After that, they have something called integration where they teach some hockey skills.  Then, they allow kids to join a leagues if they test high enough.  Only time will tell, but I have faith in him.

New friend Kaitlyn
 Playing in the snow from the Zamboni with a very pregnant momma
 Getting ready to walk onto the ice for the 1st time
 Pretend face off
 Jackson chasing Daddy
 Tiny Ovi taking advice on skating technique
 Checking out the nets on the other side of the glass
 Getting laced up
 I really like this one
 Going solo
 Chasing Daddy


  1. awww what a sweetie

  2. Love the pics! Can't wait to see you guys in July! Michelle you look great!