Saturday, October 9, 2010

One year ago today

We walked into a court in Vladivostok, Russia. After several questions and a short recess, we were granted the right to be the parents of a beautiful 15 month old little boy. That day, Andrey became "Jackson Andrey Curran", and we became "Mama and Dada".

Fast forward 1 year and Jackson is doing well. He has had surgery to correct his eyes, speech therapy on a weekly basis and a constant parent at home to help him adjust. Yes, he has some behavioral issues - but he is truly the light of our lives. We prepared and prepared and prepared for everything from bonding to losing 1 income. We had to take tests, write what seemed like thesis after thesis, cash out retirement, borrow money and fund raise. We adopted a child that the Russian doctors felt was "retarded" and even tried to deter us from the adoption.

Thinking about the events from 365 days ago makes me so proud of our son. He has overcome the odds. He is smart, happy and beautiful inside and out. He is wonderful, and we are fortunate to be his Mama and Dada. We would do it again in a hearbeat. Thanks to Russia and thanks to his biological family for allowing us to raise Jackson.


  1. Watching the three of you together makes me proud to be Jack's nana and also proud to be the mother/mother-in-law of Jack's parents. Love you all, and happy anniversary!

  2. Hey I took that picture! I remember that day like it was yesterday! Miss you guys lots! So happy that I got to meet Jack and the both of you. Three people that I will never forget and always treasure! Happy one year!

  3. Amazing the difference a year can make!

  4. Happy One Year!!! Many more to come!

  5. Jack is one lucky little boy! Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I was just thinking that in 2 months it will be our one-year anniversary of court and getting Alex. Hard to believe sometimes, isn't it?! So happy for you all, and I love reading your blog to see happy Jack's progress!