Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Date Night

I believe that we are going to start having a family date night.  Our first "official" was last night, and we had a really nice time.  We went to the aquarium, had dinner, looked at the sights and Jackson saw his first IMAX movie "Born to be wild".  Jackson also had his first face painting experience and selected Cookie Monster on his left check (he was very specific about the location he wanted it).
The movie was about orphaned animals, and Jack and Bill loved it.  I liked it too, but it bothered me a little.  I am an animal lover, but the care these particular "orphaned" animals were receiving was better than my son received for the first part of his life.  Perhaps I am dwelling, but it makes me think about the other children out there that don't have the love and support of a family. 
Jackson ate an entire bag of popcorn, drank 1/2 of my drink and 1/2 of his during the show.  This child is a popcorn fanatic at the movies.  He said he favorite part of the night was the dolphins and the sharks (there weren't any dolphins, but the seals looked like them a lot!).
This morning, there were remnants of blue cookie monster paint all over the sheets, and very little cookie monster left.  He was too worn out last night to wash it off.  He cried this morning when I officially washed it off.  I guess I know what we will be doing again soon!!!


  1. "Family Date Night" - good plan!!! We do Family Night once a month (at least) but because Tay is older, we get movies, pizza, and junk food and all camp out on the couch or our bed and have a ball at home!! Those are on my "cheat" days! LOL!!

  2. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see you guys!