Sunday, December 16, 2012

December update!

 We won some tickets to the local hockey game on the radio by honking "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"!
 At the game in hockey attire.

 Jack wanted a picture of himself with the Zamboni behind him.
 Jackson and I in front of our Christmas tree.
 Sneaky Fireman Elf on a Shelf was riding the gingerbread train.
We have had a pretty fun and busy couple of weeks around here.  Last weekend we saw Santa!  Jackson told him that he wanted Lego's, hockey stuff and a Polar Express book.  He did a great job of making eye contact and expressing himself to Santa.  For a child that is shy, he had no problem jumping up beside Santa for a photo & telling him what he wanted for Christmas.
We also won some tickets to a hockey game and had a nice time.  We usually go a couple times a year but this year we are being more conservative on outgoing costs due to the mass amount of additional outgoing expenses we have had lately.  Jackson was so excited about the game, he started talking when Bill picked him up from school, and didn't stop talking until the overtime period was over and he was back in his car seat out cold!  This child loves hockey more than anything else.  For some reason this particular game had a lot of fights.  Jackson yelled at the players that they were going to be on the naughty list so they had better stop fighting and just play hockey!  Super cute child I have in my opinion.
Jackson's school is closed for about 2 1/2 weeks coming up, so we have done crazy rescheduling to give him a lot of time at home instead of with the back up babysitter.  This week is his Christmas show, so I hope to post some video of it.  He will be singing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas", and "We wish you a Merry Christmas".  He is promising to sing instead of just play with his bff Brock while on stage. We will see about that.  Also, Nana and Papa are driving down for it so more than likely he will just make faces at Papa the entire time. 
We have officially named the baby now, her name is Alexandria.  Jackson will tell you that Alexandria is her name after she comes out of my belly.  While she is in my belly she is still Princess Fireman Sam.  He asks me about 20 times a day what Princess is doing.  He is still saving toys, asking good questions and preparing to be a big brother.  As for me, I am getting pretty testy about the preconceived notions of adoption and pregnancy.  My guess is about 90 people out of 100 have asked a very inappropriate question or made an inappropriate comment.  I understand people try to make sense of things that are not the norm, but the ignorance continues to floor well as the personal questions people feel they are entitled to ask.  For those folks out there that have not adopted & may not understand that each person adopts for their own reasons, I would suggest you leave your assumptions at the table, or leave them to yourself.  Last night at my company Christmas party, I was asked how many pregnancies I have had within the first 5 minutes.  Within the first 10 minutes I was surrounded by a group of women that wanted to share with me that God allowed this finally to happen because we had blessed another soul,  I was at that party for over 4 hours, so I bet I got another 30 questions or comments.  Why not ask "how is the baby", "how is Jackson", "everything healthy so far"?  Versus, "how much did you spend on fertility treatments", "how many miscarriages have you had", and "being a mom for the first time will be so exciting".  Even, "have you been trying" is acceptable!  Ask, don't assume!  I guess I am off on a tangent and need to rein my hormonal self in now.  Sorry!
Off my soap box I believe that Jackson and I may go see Wreck it Ralph later.  He has been asking to see the movie and it looks cute.  The last one we saw made both Jack and I cry because a dog died in it, Wreck it Ralph seems a bit more upbeat.  Bill had to work today so he can take off next Friday since school is it is just the super kid and I today.  Maybe I see a milkshake in our future too.....


  1. hello! I am glad that yo guys are doing well and congratulations for your pregnancy! That is wonderful and i hope jackson gets along with the new baby and doesn't get jealous of the attention she'll receive. As for the snide questions people ask, it's really rude and inconsiderate to ask such things in the first place. I was adopted as a baby and my mom always gets uncomfortable when tv shows show families with adopted kids saying something about their "real mom", like she thinks that's how i secretly feel, but not at all! this goes back to the list of healthy vs unhealthy adoption terms, like "Real parent" vs "Biological parent", etc. Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday, and that you have a easy, safe pregnancy. Take care!

  2. Michelle, I am sorry you have to go through these types of totally ridiculous are absolutely right..why not - how is Jack and how are you feeling!!! Totally unbelievable that people are so ignorant and rude! Anyway, glad things are going great and love her name!!! Hope you guys have wonderful holidays and that you continue to feel good and avoid those stupid silly questions. :)

  3. Love, love, love the name! And as far as people go.....they are just rude!!! I also believe that people should go by the old saying my mother taught me.....think before you speak....someone else my not want your opinion or need your opinion!!! Miss you guys lots!

  4. Hey guys, yah so my fovorite question... "Are they brother and sister?". My intial thoughts on a response, "have you always been this dumb?" But I just return a question instead, "What do you think?" with a little sarcasm of course! Ask a stupid question, get one back I say! Can't wait to see all you guys in July!