Monday, April 29, 2013

Reward Chart

Jackson has had some behavioral issues surrounding bedtime, so we implemented a reward chart.  The first month results are in!  He made his goal every week and was really pleased with himself.  Of course, we are so happy this is working out.  He is able to name what prize he wants off of the list he came up with.  He won ice skating, a hockey game, a carpet runner for his hockey stadium and hockey tape for his sticks.  It really seemed to boost his self confidence and he looks forward to putting a sticker on every morning.  Last months challenge was a 'good bedtime'.  This months challenge is 'good decisions'.

Lots of changes in the Curran family lately, details to follow!!!


  1. good tool to help him with bedtime! praise over punishment tends to work with kids, especially younger ones

  2. Changes????????

    Great idea for the chart! Glad it worked so well!