Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T minus 9 days

I can't believe it - 9 days until we leave for Russia. Part of me still thinks that this is a dream and something terrible will wake me up in a panic. The other part of me, goes into his bedroom every night and spends time just 'being' in there, longing for him to come home so he can feel the love he deserves. This is where Bill and I compliment each other. I tend to be a 'glass 1/2 empty' type of girl about 75% of the time. Bill is a 'glass 1/2 full' type of guy 75% of the time. For some reason, our glass is rarely empty or full at the same time. We make a great team.

For instance - the 'drama' I was referring to with USCIS is continuing. Without going into too much boring detail, a lot of paperwork was requested on Monday night. Tuesday morning, after pulling 2 agencies and old paperwork together (and faxes and scans later) - our information went out overnight. Today, I followed up via email with the delivery confirmation, and the response was "we need more" (we were glad to get a response!). Of course, it was at 5pm. At 5pm, we pulled 2 agencies and old paperwork together again and sent 1/2 of it overnight to our homestudy agency, and they will in turn add their information to it (in the morning) and FedEx it tomorrow overnight to USCIS to arrive Friday. We do not have time to wait for the letter, so we printed off the emailed information in lieu hoping this will do the trick. I will follow up Friday. Bill quickly put together the financial information, I pulled the old homestudy and wrote a letter, Bill signed the letter and sent it FedEx (just beating the FedEx pick up time). Of course, I haven't mentioned I am out of town with work right now - so this was done while in 2 different states. High 5 on the team work!!


  1. Y'all are ON TOP of the paperwork! So soon and you will be with your son forever! That's a great motivator :)

  2. Sorry you are having this drama now. So happy that you guys could work it out together even being in two different states. That is why you guys make a great team!

  3. Lots of practice multi-tasking, good experience for your new life that will begin on the 20th! HA! Can't wait to meet you guys. Wow 40's at night in Vlad right now!