Sunday, February 21, 2010


So we are working with Jack on making some new sounds. One of the new sounds he is making is the "D" sound, and it comes out as "da da da" or sometimes "duh duh duh". The three of us were hanging out this morning when I said "Jack, we get to go to your school tomorrow" to which he calmly replied "duh". So apparently he already knew that we had school tomorrow. It gave Michelle and I a good laugh this morning but I'm sure when he replies "duh" to our statements when he is a teenager we won't think it is so funny.

Earlier this weekend, Nana and Papa (Curran) stopped in for a visit on their way up North. Jack loved spending time with one set of his Grandparents and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. It was great to see him interacting with my parents, and really reassuring that his attachment to Mommy and Daddy didn't seem affected by their visit. He loved playing with Nana and Papa, but returned to Michelle and I for appropriate things like comfort, feeding, etc. It's always great to see his attachment progress when we have visitors. We are sure Jack is looking forward to his trip to see Grandpa Tony and Grandma Sherri in a few weeks as he loves seeing his extended Forever Family!

Yesterday we took Jack to the aquarium (where we saw the seals from a recent blog post). Jack seemed to enjoy the whole experience and really seemed curious about everything he was seeing. He touched a horseshoe crab and a hermit crab without any hesitation at all. Much to my chagrin, he also had no reservations about touching a snake. Daddy doesn't like snakes so you may notice that Michelle is the one holding him as he touches the snake! We are going to buy a season pass to the aquarium since it is pretty close to our house and Jack liked it so much. We figure we will be there once a week, and they even have a program called "Toddler Tuesdays" where they have animal themed crafts and stuff for the little ones.

On the health front, we had another follow up appointment with the Opthamologist this past week. Jack's eyes have been turning in some since his surgery, though nothing like how they were before the surgery. Anyway, since the surgery we have been patching his right eye for a period of time each day. The doctor said all we should do for now is continue patching his right eye so his left eye strengthens and moves closer to fully accepting the surgery. As of now there are no plans for a second surgery and the doctor thinks that continued patching may negate any need for another surgery at all. We'll keep you posted on that front!


  1. hey guys...i know we have talked before and i think discovered that we both live in the hampton roads area. i was looking at your blog and thought "hey their pictures look familiar!" - we just took logan to the va beach aquarium today!! he LOVED it and we had a great time. looks like jack enjoyed it as well. glad things are going well for you all....maybe we could meet up one day?!?!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well. Jack keeps geting cuter and cuter!

  3. Nice to read your blog. Our little one now his favorite word is: CACA.. Yeap! Oh well I guess it is a start :-)
    I know what you mean about being happy that Jack still goes back to your guys for reinsurance. I was glad too when yesterday he played shy with Grand Ma as it was few weeks he had not seen her. ( I was sad fro her.. but so glad he knows who we are: his parents ).