Friday, February 12, 2010

So cold that seals are invading down south?

Not much new in Curran World, we just haven't made a post in awhile so we thought we would check in. Jack is still doing very well as are Michelle and I. Jack enjoys his play group though he has only been twice so far. We sing songs, play in the gym, color, finger paint, play with puzzles, etc. His favorite thing to do at play group is play with the child sized broom they have in their kitchen play set. I guess we need to get him a broom to go along with his vacuum. He and I were in the garage the other day and instead of grabbing a power drill or something he grabbed a mop. That's okay because Daddy doesn't know how to use a power drill either (not that I would have let him play with a power drill...)

Speech therapy is going really well and Jack is really learning some good sign language to help him talk to us. So far between Michelle teaching him signs and his therapist working with him, he knows the signs for; more, help, please, milk, apple, eat, banana (sort of), up, down, all done (sort of) and maybe a few more that I am forgetting right now. He picks signs up really quickly and the signs are making things a lot easier for him. They have cut his frustration levels way down since he can more or less tell us what he wants most of the time.

A week or 10 days ago, he really started to have trouble with his afternoon naps. Since we brought him home, we have kept him on the same schedule that he had at the baby home with a morning and afternoon nap of about 1.5 hours each. He rarely took two 1.5 hour naps in a day though, so we wanted to get him into one longer nap instead of two anyway in the hopes that he could get a consistent good long nap. So, when he started having trouble sleeping in the afternoons we saw that as our opportunity to get him to one nap. We want his one nap to be in the afternoon to split up his day so it has really been an adjustment for him to stay up all morning. Around 10am I have to treat him like a concussion patient because all he wants to do is go to sleep but I need to keep him awake until after lunch! So far he is getting a fairly decent nap in the afternoons, but we live very close to a Naval Air Station so the jets often wake him up. I actually had to take Tylenol during an afternoon recently because of the relentless jet noise so you can imagine how this interrupts nap time.

When we are not working on speech stuff or nap times, we have been venturing out a little to see what is around our house (remember, Michelle and I just moved here before we brought Jack home so we don't really know our surroundings yet). We have found some cool parks that we can't wait to visit when the weather warms up, but the other day we hit the jackpot when we stumbled upon an Aquarium that had seals on display outside the building (for free!) I think Jack thought they were giant swimming dogs because he barked at them.

Anyway, just an update for you from our end. On a side note, we are following the blogs of several couples who are either close to travelling or are on their 1st or 2nd trips over to Russia right now. If any of you guys check in with our blog, know that we are right there with you on your journeys! Keep up the great work, and safe travels!


  1. Hope you can get him on the afternoon nap. We did that since day one we got him and he sleeps a good 4 hours in the afternoon which help to take care of a lot of stuff.

  2. Hey! We are REALLY in Seoul, headed to Vladivostok to get our Aubree. This is what we've been waiting for...keep you posted.
    Looks like a few other families I've been keeping in contact with will be there at the same time.
    Thanks for posting pictures.