Thursday, March 4, 2010

Come on people!

Yet another case of potential child abuse. Lets hope this does not affect those families that are closing in on a court date.


  1. Agree....makes me sick to think about it!!! Hoping the families waiting for a court date are not affected!!!

  2. Amen... as one of those families waiting for a court date... I hope that the Russian authorities recognize that this adoption happened in 2003 long before so many of the fail safes have been instituted in adoption to protect the children and standardize the process and that things are so much more stringint now in an effort to keep these things from happening. Death for what these people subject their children to would be far too kind. May they spend the rest of their lives as tormented as their children in general population with the monsters of society that will make them pay for their crimes.

  3. A parent that had court yesterday informed me that medicals from US will not be accepted now because of the news of this case. All families will have to go to the international clinic in Moscow!