Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harmonica Baby Blues

Jackson has the Harmonica Baby Blues! He found a Harmonica in a drawer and has not turned back. He LOVES it! At first, he just blew on it like it was hot, but quickly caught on. Since this video, he has started tapping his foot and bobbing his head when he plays it. This behavior is night and day from the little guy we met in the orphanage. We took him a musical toy for him and he was so afraid of it he cried. Now, music has become a daily part of his life and he really enjoys it.

In other news, we are happy it is Saturday! This morning, all 3 of us went to a Dentist appointment (for Bill and I), then we went and had a slice of pizza at a local pizza place for lunch. Jack loves food, and almost always eats a large portion of my meals. Well, needless to say, today wasn't any different and he is certainly a fan of pizza too.

Last night I was finally able to finish our taxes too. We qualify for the adoption tax credit, but the refund is split over the next 2 - 5 years. I hate to say it - but that sucks. We certainly would like to have it all this year but it just isn't going to happen. Anyway, the website I am using is requiring that we have a SS# for Jack prior to filing. Guess what - he still doesn't have one because the office here in VA had lost the paperwork a couple times, and now isn't returning my calls. Bill is optimistic and says that we should have the # any day. I (on the other hand), think that they lost the paperwork again and we will have to start from scratch. It seems I read once that we could use an alternate # to file - does anyone know??

Tomorrow we are hoping the weather is nice, and we may use our new sidewalk chalk outside. We are also considering going to the park and having some nice family time.

Enjoy the video!


  1. Thanks Curran's for your blog. We are waiting for our referral from Russia. Reading about Jackson and your experiences is so helpful to me. It's been amazing to see him blossom.
    Best wishes from Seattle,

  2. Jackson is a blessing!
    So glad to see him continue to thrive.

  3. hi michelle! we had a hang up with logan's ssn as well. i thought we were told at our embassy visit that it would automatically be sent to us because one of the forms that we filled out in our packet stated we wanted on automatically assigned. well as it got time to get our tax stuff together, i realized we never received anything, so when i went to the office, they said he wasn't in the system. i basically had to apply for a new one and it came in less than 2 weeks. i know it's not ideal time when you want it now, but maybe consider just filing again. hope this helps!!

  4. Hey guys, love your little musician! We got the sidewalk chalk and the bubble out Saturday and the kids loved it, Hope Jackson did too.

    K and G.