Friday, June 18, 2010

Back from our travels..

Last week we set out on a whirlwind tour of the South. Michelle is in Atlanta on business, so Jack and I drove down to meet her last Thursday. The reason for the trip (other than to see Mommy!) was because Michelle's brother was getting married in Destin, FL. So, Friday morning the three of us hopped back in the car and drove down to the beach.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and we want to wish Uncle Mark and Aunt Petia many congratulations as they start their married life together. It was also great to see Grandpa Tony, Grandma Sherri, Great-Grandma Louise, Uncle Matthew, and Uncle McCoy! Jack loved playing on the beach with everyone and thanks to everyone for the toys and things you spoiled him with! We appreciate everything and it was great to see everyone!

After a fishing trip for Michelle, her brothers and Dad, we set out towards Atlanta again on Sunday night.

Monday morning Jack and I took off for Knoxville to visit with Nana, Papa and Uncle Jim for the evening. Papa took Jack to his first ever baseball game that night! Jack liked the mascots and the ice cream the best. Guess he gets that from Mommy!

Tuesday morning Jack and I got back in the car and headed back home to VA. We drove over 2,170 miles during the week and Jack was a real trooper for most of it. He had his moments in the car where he was not a happy camper, but I did too! That was a long trip!

Anyway, we are getting back into the routine of things back at home now. Sorry we couldn't post pictures from the wedding weekend yet, our camera is having issues. The picture above is of Jack playing with the hockey goal Nana and Papa gave him as an early birthday present. He gets so excited when he scores a goal! He actually kicked a soccer ball into it this morning, so with that one goal, he has already scored more goals than most countries involved in the World Cup!

We will work on the camera issues and post pictures of the trip as soon as we can!

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