Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day Bill!

Today is Fathers Day, and I wanted to say a little bit about Jack's stay at home Daddy, Bill.

Bill gave up his professional career to be a stay at home Dad for as long as needed to make sure that Jack gets the best possible start in his new family. I see outstanding progress as a result, and I wanted to thank you Bill for doing this for our family, and for Jackson. You are an amazing Father & I am proud to call you my husband.

Now, if I can just talk you into adopting #2....Jack needs a little brother or sister!!!

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad (Grandpa Tony), and Bills Dad (Papa Bill) too! We miss you & love you both very much!


  1. Happy Father's Day, Bill! Wow -- Jack is just blossoming. Wonderful what a little love and care can do for a child.


  2. Looks like all Jack needs is a Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks Sweater and he will be all set with Hockey gear!!! LOL....

    (Keep working on him Michelle!)

  3. Happy First Father's Day Bill! Jakson looks great! You guys are doing a great job!

    Come on Bill......Jackson needs a little brother or a little sister!!!1

  4. Happy belated Father's Day Bill! Just think how love will multiply if there was another to share with, but all in due time! Jackson looks so happy, and I know that the stay at home Dad wouldn't have it any other way!