Friday, November 19, 2010

Part 2 of the snake post

You may remember that Jack and I had a run in with a snake last week. Ever since I ran away from it screaming like a little girl, he has been on my mind. I may be going crazy, but I think Michelle actually hissed at me with a forked tongue the other day. Anyway, I have been determined not to let this snake get the best of me. Last weekend Jack and Michelle had a Mommy-Son afternoon, so I went back to the park to confront him since I wouldn't have to put my 2-year old in harms way. So I went back there, fully expecting (i.e. hoping) not to see the guy. Sure enough though, he was right where Jack and I saw him. I was prepared for him this time, so I did not need a change of shorts upon seeing him. I took a couple of pictures to prove to myself that he was real. I don't want to say I conquered my fear of him (because I haven't), but I did want to post of a picture of him so you could have a visual of the snake in your minds along with the visual of me freaking out and running. There he is above!

Seriously though, the wildlife refuge where the Super Cobra Constrictor Boa Pit Viper Thingy lives is really a beautiful place. Jack and I went down there again today to walk some trails and get some exercise. Jack loves walking the trails and playing on the beach. We were the only two people for miles around, so it's really peaceful (aside from the obvious snake infestation). Michelle and I like the picture of Jack walking with his hands behind his back. He looks like he is deep in thought about something.

Anyway, if we don't post again before next week, we want to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. It is gorgeous and beautiful there and all and you wouldn't catch me any where near it!!! That is a SERIOUS snake and I'd be running like anything screaming like a girlie girl too!! I say this and do you know what kind of party we are having for Dylan next Sunday?? A reptile zoo party where the guy comes to your house with all the creepy reptiles....including a big ol snake!!!