Friday, December 10, 2010

So much to do, so little time

It has been some time since we last made a blog post because things have been hectic around the Curran household.

First of all, welcome to Sofia, our newest Niece that was born Nov 14th . She was 6 lbs, 6 oz and 19" long. Now Jack has 5 girl cousins to torture! Her parents seem to be adjusting well and are very proud of their little one. We get to meet her soon and are very excited.

During Thanksgiving, we did the annual Curran vacation where we meet "in the middle" and rent a house at the beach for a week. All 3 of Bill's siblings and parents were able to make the trip and everyone had a good time. With 5 kids in the house, there was lots of laughter (and some tears), but it kept everyone on their feet.

We also attended a Lady Vols basketball game! Bill called into a radio contest and actually won 2 tickets so off we went! I was concerned that all the loud music and yelling would bother Jack but he LOVED it! Of course, it didn't matter who made a basket (us or the opposing team), because Jack cheered anyway. Bill is such a sports fanatic that a couple of years ago he would have freaked out - but he is wrapped around Jack finger so he was able to just laugh and enjoy that Jack was enjoying the game.

We also visited Santa (or "Sansa" as Jack calls him) Claus for the 1st time. Last year we had just come home, and it was too soon after his eye surgery to really get him out and about much, so this year was his first experience. He was THRILLED to see "Sansa" and clapped and hopped and waved....until....we got close to him. About 1' away he freaked out and started screaming. Needless to say, we now have a family "Sansa" picture instead of just a Jack and "Sansa" picture.

Jack has also had a of couple doctor appointments lately. He had a 1 year follow up with the Pediatric Opthamologist which overall went very well. Jack is farsighted but at this point he is too young to wear glasses. On a rare occasion (when he is tired), his eyes will slightly cross and then immediately readjust. The Doc says this is common, and at this point it doesn't warrant a 2nd surgery, but we will continue to follow up. We also had our 1 year follow up with the Pediatrician. He has grown 5" in a year, and is in the 50% of height. His head and weight are normal for his age as well. He has a small physique, so will be slim more than likely. The only issue we have is all his pants are either too big around the waist or too short!

For Christmas, we are going to fly to Missouri to see my side of the family. I was able to book 2 of the 3 of us coach for free on United with frequent flyer miles - so I am pumped! Also, I was able to get us a free car rental! WooHoo! May not be a big deal to some, but to a 1 income family it's an awesome deal. We will get to meet the new addition, Sofia, as well as play with cousin Conner. Jack is excited to go on a plane ride and play with his cousins. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to a newborn baby too.

Last but not least, CONGRATS to Jim and Rita! Bill's brother Jim finally popped the question and he and his fiance Rita plan to tie the knot soon. They are considering a beach wedding, so Rita and her Mom are driving up for the weekend to check out our area! WooHoo! We want Rita to like this area and hope to persuade her to choose Virginia Beach! Nana is also coming down this weekend to look at potential wedding sites with Rita so Jack is looking forward to her visit and showing her his Sponge Bob Square Pants PJ's!

Sofia and Daddy

Jack and his 4 cousins

Daddy, Mama and Jackson (before AM coffee)!

The soon to be newlyweds

Jeff, Carolyn and Emily

Scott, Chris, Meghan, Katie and Amanda

Jack bored at the Lady Vols game

Jack tired of the Lady Vols game

Jack getting his second wind at the Lady Vols game

4-Wheeler at Bass Pro

Pre-Freak out with Santa

Jack surronded by his cousins (Katie, Amanda, Jack, Emily and Meghan).


  1. Jack has grown 5 inches?! That is amazing! I love seeing new pictures of him ~ he is such a handsome little guy :) Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Well I can only assume that Jack asked Sansa for that 4 wheeler for christmas! I'm sure Daddy won't mind! Great to read your update, got your card and the pic is awesome and on the photo wall in our house. If you have time for a visit when you are in Mo. Let us know and maybe we can drive out for a day....