Saturday, January 22, 2011

Admirals Hockey Game

Bill took Jack and I to our first Admirals Hockey game a couple weeks ago. Jack LOVED it! Bill had told him a week before we actually went, and he asked ALL day EVERY day until we finally made it to the game. To say that he had the attention span of a 40 year old is an understatement. He focused the entire time.
We started to prompt him about 30 minutes before we left. When we actually got up to leave the tears started flowing. We learned 3 things....1) Surprise him that we are going the actual day we are going; 2) There is no easy way to break it to a hockey fan that the game is over; 3) Jack may be the biggest 2 year old hockey fan on the earth.
Now if we can just get Papa to come down for a game!!!

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