Monday, January 31, 2011

Papa, Nana and Hockey!

Nana and Papa came down this past weekend to take Jack to a hockey game. Dad and I have been going to hockey games since I was just a little older than Jack is now, so it was fun for the three of us to finally get to a game together. I know Jack, Michelle and I had a great time at the game and we think Nana and Papa probably did too.

Jack is such a busy body that he never stays still and on a certain task for more than a couple minutes at a time. Unless of course, he is at a hockey game. He pays attention to hockey like he has understood the game for years. He likes to yell "Meeeeesed" (translation = "missed") when a player shoots the puck and misses the net. He doesn't like it when the periods end and the players skate off the ice, but he then he turns his attention to the Zamboni and all is well again. Yesterday I dug out an old toy Zamboni that I had a long time ago, and he hasn't let it out of his sight since.

I think we may have the next Alex Ovechkin on our hands, or possibly the next great Zamboni driver. Either way, it's so fun to watch his interest in hockey grow since that was what my Dad and I have bonded over since I was a kid.

Tomorrow school starts. Tears will flow, legs will be held onto for dear life, and lives will be changed forever. And I'm just talking about Michelle and I! We'll update on his first day soon.

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  1. Good Luck Jack! Good Luck Michelle and Bill too!