Friday, August 12, 2011

Eye surgery - round two

This morning Jackson had his second round of eye surgery for Strabismus. When we first brought him home, his eyes were crossed badly (one worse than the other). We came home in October 09, and had the surgery just 2 short months later in December 09. The 1st surgery went well, correcting the majority of the issue. Since surgery #1, he has had some intermittent crossing and it has gotten a bit worse over time. We made the decision to repeat the surgery now, to limit disruption later. We also used the same Surgeon, which is familiar with his history.

Here is a photo of him in the waiting room before the versed (pre-med that makes you loopy).

Just before the versed....

15 minutes after the versed - totally loopy!

20 minutes after the versed. Look at the look on his face!

He is so much more aware of what is going on now, we chose to give him the pre-med. It did help, although when they wheeled him off he kept asking for us and it was like daggers in our heart. He did well during surgery, although his pulse went up over 200 at one point and they were concerned. Apparently, they called in a specialist and said it was 'normal' and some children have this issue during anesthesia. Still very alarming for us, and we need to learn more about it.

For now, he is resting in bed. Today he watched some Mickey Mouse on TV and just hung out. Something tells me, tomorrow he will be up to his old self.


  1. Marina had the same surgery twice, too. We're going back next week for our 9-month check-up - one eye is looking inward again. I'm not happy. I'm praying the second time is a charm for you all!

  2. Poor little guy. Hope he's on his way to recovery!! :)

    And in my own sick and twisted way... lol... I love the series of photos. ha. Then again, you guys took them, so maybe I'm not so twisted after all. ;)

  3. What a cutie. Good to see the latest pictures. I am hopeful this will take care of his eyes once and for all, Michelle. I will continue to check in on you. Update us as you can, please.

  4. Been there done that....hope he is all straight now. Harper had the outside muscles done and then the inside 6 months later. Did you guys do the outside twice?