Monday, August 22, 2011

Recent stuff and post-op appt

These 2 photos are from today, waiting for the eye doc. Jackson's eyes look good overall. His right eye is a bit irritated, so he gave us a RX for eye drops. Jack hates eye drops, you should have seen his face drop when the doctor said the word "eye drops". He went from a happy little boy to a look of confusion, like "why would you do this to me again?"! The doc also says he is far sighted still, but his vision is probably like 20/30 - so unless he starts to cross again, he shouldn't even need glasses. Good news! Next visit is 3 months from now.

Last week, I had to go out of town on business so Nana and Papa came down to visit. They drove down in a terrible storm to get here on Sunday night because I had to be at the airport at 5am on Monday. It was a good idea, because Jackson had his eye surgery the Friday before and he wasn't feeling completely back to normal yet - and he needed eye drops 4 times a day. They brought him down a new BBQ grill that actually makes a noise like it is cooking. Nana also made him a quilt. Apparently, he thought it was odd that there was holes in it (it is an afghan), but he loves it just the same. It is especially fun to poke fingers through :)

My Grandmother is coming to visit in October. She and her husband will make a long weekend trip. She was born in 1929, so its a pretty long trip for them. If you are the praying type, say a prayer for them to have safe travel. Jack will enjoy their visit too.

We are also trying to plan a long weekend in the next couple months to take a little family vacation. We were hoping to go to Disney but it isn't going to happen this year (maybe Spring?). I think we will do Busch Gardens. We haven't been on a trip as a family (of 3) since we went to Great Wolf Lodge in July 2010. Now to look for some bargins!!!

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  1. Wow, his eyes look so good already! Glad he healed up so well and so quick. Good news about the vision and not needing glasses....I don't think Anna is gonna fair so well. One of her eyes is definitely weaker.

    Hope all else is going well and work/preschool is still going good :o)