Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sick Boy

Bill and I took Jack in Saturday morning for a flu shot. I know that the flu shot isn't supposed to make you sick, but that night he was throwing up. Poor kiddo is finally feeling better, and did a good job of making it to the potty!

We started the U.S. re-finalization process a couple weeks ago with a local Attorney. I kept thinking that I would do it myself, but have yet to complete the task. The Attorneys office was easy to deal with, and it is already filed with the court. Now the court has to request paperwork from the post-placement agency, so we are just waiting for the paperwork to be pushed through. The court requires original paperwork, which makes me a nervous wreck. The original documents are like gold and it would be awful if they were misplaced.

A few weeks ago Jackson started wearing big boy undies at school full time. He had a couple accidents the first day or two, but none since. He was in big boy undies full time at home, and has been for close to a year. However, his school is 'busy', and last years teacher wasn't too interested in anything other than a pull up. This year his teacher is pretty good, we both really like her. Now he will just wear a pull up at night, although he usually wakes up dry! My baby is growing up!!

I am traveling this week, and feel fairly homesick for some reason. I usually just keep myself busy but leaving Jackson when he was sick really bothered me. Of course, he is in excellent hands with Daddy - even though they eat cereal in bed and watch too much football!

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