Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long time no post!

We have been busy, busy, BUSY around the Curran household!

Dr. Seuss art Jackson made at school

Jackson having an ice cream sundae

One of my favorite things! FRENCH FRIES!

Pink eye :(

Daddy said I could put ONE sticker on monkey

Picture day outside of school - thumbs up

As you can see, Jackson had pink eye. It seems that runs rampant at his school. Of course, our little guy seriously dislikes eye drops because he has had these way too much in his life. He did great at the doctors office, and even showed her the octopus that he had made that day at school.

Bill has also been sick, with the flu. He had a 103.8 degree temp. I took him to urgent care, and they told him he had the flu. Apparently it isn't that fun to have your nose swabbed. Anyway, he was out of commission for several days. Jackson wasn't sick at all - UNTIL, the other night. About 2am Jackson started puking and didn't stop until mid morning. He didn't ever have a fever though and has seemed fine ever since!

As of last week, we also negotiated a contract to purchase a home. Next week we have a moisture/termite inspection and a home inspection. If everything goes well, we close April 25th. Its a "fixer upper", but has a big yard and has plenty of room inside for Jackson to grow and play. He immediately noticed it had a fireplace and commented that Santa could come at Christmas! We have been talking about it a lot and will make the transition slow out of our rental house. After all, this has been the only home he has lived in (on U.S. soil), and we have stayed as long as we have just for stability & consistency.

In a couple of weeks Cousin Emily (and her parents) is coming down for the weekend. That weekend happens to be her birthday (and her mom's!), so we will probably have a cake for them. Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jeff are running a 1/2 marathon that weekend, so they may not want any cake!!

Next post - house update!


  1. Jackson is so handsome :) Congrats on the home purchase - exciting!

  2. SO happy to hear about the new house. Jackson gets cuter and cuter! Hope Bill is feeling better!