Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend - Happy Birthday Emily!

It's official! Princess Emily is 5 years old! The events are still unfolding for our action packed weekend. Today was presents, cake, bounce house, Build A Bear, the Easter bunny, and dinner out. Tomorrow is Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Jeff's 1/2 marathon, LOTS of playing, and Aunt Carolyn's birthday!

Birthday morning, Jackson even got a toy!

Two new dresses!!!

Bitty Baby - just what I wanted!

Lalaloopsy play set

Helping Uncle Jeff with Emily's gift. Uncle Jeff is also known as "that guy".

Aunt Carolyn looking hot in her PJ's.

Diva pose...look out in a few years.

Working on my "bottom teeth" smile playing with Emily's baby doll bed.

Jumpin' Monkey

Build a bear, stuffing an Alvin and a bunny

Whoever invented Build A Bear is a genius.

Easter bunny!

Equally adorable and creepy at the same time.

Lalaloopsy cake

Silly string

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