Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just catchin' up

Jackson has been struggling with learning his colors, so Bill had the idea to paint his pucks various colors and practice that way. It is actually working, just slowly. Jack would rather play hockey than anything else in the world, so combining learning with the sport may have been a brilliant idea. He doesn't want to focus for very long on learning, but if Daddy says "pass me the yellow puck", he is interested!!! Let's all hope that streaks of various paint colors will not be all over the hardwood floors :)

We have ordered school pictures, and wow, those are expensive! The pictures turned out cute, but they only did 1 pose. We are hoping to get family photos this summer. This is something we have simply failed on because Bill and I had both gained a little weight and kept thinking we would lose it and THEN get pictures. Well, 2 1/2 years later and still no pictures. This is on our 'to do' list for sure.

We found out a few days ago we were out bid on the foreclosure we were trying to buy. It was a really cool house, so I was a little disappointed. The school district was highly rated, and the neighborhood was awesome. This afternoon we are going to go look at 3 more houses. Honestly, the looking is getting old. I am about ready to just stay in our rental another year.

I have been gone for a couple days a week lately traveling for work. Jackson has had some pretty moderate to severe behavioral issues lately and all 3 of us are kind of beat down. I bring up the travel, because he was doing fine when I was home. It seems the travel and his melt downs correlate, but I may just be grasping at straws trying to find a "reason" for the issues. I leave again tomorrow and get back around midnight the following night. Nana and Papa are coming for a visit and some fun time, so hopefully all goes well. Starting in about a month, the travel will pick up a lot keep your fingers crossed we can get out of this funk.

It is about time that both of my sleeping beauties wake up from their nap! Hopefully we will have some Nana and Papa pictures to share next week!!


  1. Colors were really hard for Oliver too. At this point he might know five, but it took forever. The doctor said that's normal. Apparently learning colors is similar to rocket science, who knew?

    Hope the behavior issues clear up. No fun!

  2. Jackson is still cute as ever. What a great idea using the hockey pucks for learning his colors. I bet he will get them before you know it. Kenny has been doing lots of travelling also just started this past month...he was gone on three different trips...and John did not like it very much and his behavior at school showed it but it did get better and hopefully when Kenny is gone for 10 days in April we don't have any issues. I am sure Jackson just missed his mommy and it will get better.