Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Program

We have had a nice few days, and have some pictures to prove it!

Flowers from our yard

Jackson riding his tractor in the front yard

4 leaf clover my boys found in the back yard

Jackson, Daddy and Mommy after the spring program April 4th

Nana, Papa, Daddy and Jackson after the spring program

My little blondie doing the "worm" song at his spring program

Look how adorable I am!

Hard to see the J man in this video, look in the center back

Jackson had a great spring program at school. They had it at the church across the street and it worked out well. No tears, just lots of smiles and fun. Initially, he was in front of the crowd but towards the end they put him in the back and it was kind of hard to see him. They sang "Frere Jacques"; "Walter the Waltzing Worm"; I know a Chicken Blues"; "Sambalele"; and "Its a Small World" as a finale.

Nana and Papa came down while I was out of town to keep the boys company. They went to a hockey game, and an Orioles spring training game. Jackson was WORN OUT the day they left. The teachers say he just laid around all day after and said he missed Nana and Papa. Who knew a retired couple had the ability to wear out a hyper 3 year old?

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