Saturday, October 13, 2012

Final post placement report

Last night we had our final post placement meeting with our local agency for Russia.  I can't believe Jackson has been home 3 years, double the time that he was in Artem Baby Home #2.  The meeting was probably around 45 minutes long and it was with a new Social Worker that we had not met previously.  Jackson was being shy, but it was closing in on his bedtime and he really just wanted Daddy to play hockey with him instead of sitting at the dining room table answering a bunch of questions!!  We hope to have that submitted this week.  I do have to say, I am disappointed in our adoption agency.  Not once were we reminded to follow through with this, if we wouldn't have pushed both agencies to complete the reports I don't think anyone would have ever said anything.  Why this is unfortunate, is it effects future families adopting from Russia.  We followed through for those families in process, just as the families before us followed through to our benefit.  With that said, I am glad it is our last report!

Today Bill had to work, so we had Mommy/Son day.  We played golf, cars and big trucks.  Then we took a nap and went out to have lunch together and went shopping.  Jackson picked out some "super fast" shoes and a few pair of fuzzy PJ's.  Of course, what is Mommy/Son day without ice cream???  When Daddy got home, Jackson lost his mind he was so happy.  They went outside and played baseball and did donuts (yep, that's a new trick) on the John Deere tractor.

Tomorrow we will have a family date day, but it is undecided on what we will do.  I travel again for the next 5 days, but after that get to be home for awhile.  It seems I dread travel more and more these days.  I don't want to be away from my family and home anymore! 

Jackson's testing was last Wed - Friday, so we hope to get the results of that early next week so we can make some decisions.  I am still leaning towards him staying where he is and repeat next year if it is necessary.


  1. That is very exciting that your last post placement is DONE!!! Couple more months and we will be done too!!! Definitely disappointing in your agency, I am anxious to see if we hear from our agency and our final report. Sounds like you and Jackson had a fun day together cream and a, fun!!! :) July is getting closer and closer....can't wait to finally meet you guys!!! :)

  2. We actually had our last post placement visit on Friday night also!! When we got home from work on Monday...there was a message from our agency asking for pictures for the post placement report and asking us if we knew when they would be getting it. Can't believe we are done with those reports! Hooray!!!!!