Monday, October 29, 2012

Photo Monday!!!

Here are some baseball action shots!  Daddy was the pitcher, I was the "people" as Jackson put its. 

 This one is my favorite, the passion...the focus...the excitement!
A preview of Halloween!  He can't decide between spiderman and a hockey player.  Since I bought him a Capitals jersey, he will probably select spiderman :)

 Fireman going to an emergency in the living room.
 Mommy/Son day last week.
Decorating Halloween cookies with Mom and Dad.  He ended up with more on his shirt/face/hands then was on the cookies.

 Making a scary eyeball.
 Eating the hard work!

Today Jackson's school was closed because of Hurricane Sandy.  He and I stayed home and watched it rain and the wind blow.  Poor kid was bored stiff because I still had to work!  Looks like the worst has passed us by, so hopefully the weather will calm down from here.
I have been traveling a lot lately, but am home all week!  Next week I should be gone again, but I am enjoying this week with the family.  Jackson enjoys the "prizes" I bring home for him.  Last price was spiderman slippers.  The week before was new hockey skates!
I haven't heard anything about our last post placement report, so I assume it passed and has been sent in. On second thought, I better follow up on that again!
All is well in the Curran household, hope it is in yours too!

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